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Certificate of Insurance

Why May Your Building Require a Certificate of Insurance?

Some buildings require that your moving company provide a certificate of insurance when you are moving in or out. This certificate lets the building know that the moving company is insured and can afford to pay for any damage to the building that could occur in the process of you moving in or out.


When do you need it?

Usually, the certificate of insurance is faxed over to the building management prior to your move. Many buildings will not let you move in or out without it.


How do you get a Certificate of Insurance?

You will need to get the phone and fax number for the Management Company and give it to us so we can handle the rest of the process. If you want to be more pro-active you can ask the Management Company for the following information: Phone and Fax Number, Certificate Holder/Certificate Holder Address , Additionally Insured (In some cases).  Most Management Companies will have a sample Certificate they can fax-e-mail with all this information.

Licensed & Insured

Agile Moving Systems is Fully Licensed and Insured.

DOT #2278366  

M.C. #778677   

NYSDOT #38570

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