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Moving Tips

Make a list

Make a list of all the items you need to take care of; such as switching utility services, items you need in now location, important dates and miscellaneous paperwork you may need.

Pack a bag

Can be hectic and the movers may pack something you need right away.  Make sure you pack a bag to keep separate all the important papers, medicines and other items you may need right away.  Make sure your mover knows not to take it avoiding anything you need right away being packed on the truck!


Have plenty of supplies

Have plenty of boxes and supplies when packing up. Packing goes much quicker if you have all you supplies handy... boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape etc. 

Utilize wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes can be used for more than moving clothes.  Pack blankets and other items in the bottom or use them for light weight large items.  You don't want to pack too many heavy items or thewardrobe boxes will be too heavy to move.


Children need security when moving. Make sure you keep aside a small backpack/box of their favorite toys, bedding etc. for you to take for them to have immediately when they get to their new home.



Pets need extra care as well through a move. They can get as stressed out as you when moving. Try to have a friend care for them on moving day.  It is less stressful on you both to not have them underfoot. Have their favorite toy handy and make sure to socialize them to their new home.



Use zip-lock bags to hold any small parts of things you have to take apart, like beds, tables, electronics etc. Then tape the bag to the item so it will be with it or keep one large bag with all the parts.

Garbage Bags

Use garbage bags to pack your items on a hanger. Keep the hangers on and put the bag over the top to keep them clean.


Suitcases, socks, Blankets, Towels and more.

Don't pack empty suitcases fill them. To save money and space, use socks, blankets, towels clothes and any other soft item to pack fragile items. Not only does it save money on supplies it cuts down on the number of boxes you have.  



Remember to change your address about two weeks before you move.  Make a list of your financial institutions, subscriptions and credit cards so you can change the address and not miss important paperwork.

Cull Down on What You Have

Get rid of those unused items before you move. Old elecrontics, papers, clothes you don't wear and more!

Measure your New Space

There is no point in bringing furniture into your new home that won't fit. Less to move and save the agrivation at the new place.

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